Ficus Lyrata 17c

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Ficus Lyrata – The Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Large violin / fiddle shaped leaves with bold, prominent veins make this an eye catching specimen for the home. Available in all sizes from table top plants to majestic branched specimens, this plant has become a modern favourite. Another plant highly recognised as beneficial to purifying the air in the home. Summer care:

As with many tropical plants Ficus Lyrata need bright, indirect light. It will tolerate some morning sun, but avoid direct sun during the hottest parts of the day. Turn your plant regularly, as it will try to grow towards the light.

Water well then let the top 2-3cm of soil dry before watering again.

Not heavy feeders, they only require an occasional half strength liquid feed once a month.

Does well in a wide range of temperatures, 16-28c is ideal.

Keep away from strong draughts, both hot or cold, this will encourage leaf drop.

Normal household humidity is fine.

Make sure you keep the broad, flat leaves clean and shiny and free from dust. Wipe occasionally with a clean, damp cloth.