About us

Your Houseplants,

We are an independent houseplant shop in Weston-Super-Mare, stocking a wide range of houseplants, including many of the current rare and hard to find varieties. We also stock a full range of sundries, composts, feeds, ceramic cover pots, and specialised soils and substrates, everything you need to keep your houseplants looking at their best.

We are a team of three that are not new to houseplants, in fact we have almost ninety years` experience of working in the plant industry between us.

We have been supplying shops and garden centres throughout the U.K, including the Channel Islands, with quality plants for the past three decades, and this still continues today.

Selling and posting pot plants has become very popular, there`s a plethora of companies and individuals that already do this, but here at Your Houseplants we prefer not to post plants. We know it’s not always good for the plants, and increases the carbon footprint, which we believe is one of the most important responsibilities that we all have to address where we can.

Everything is available to buy online for collection, we much prefer that you are able to come and see the actual plant that you`ve purchased, and to make sure that you are happy, or need any further advice. It also gives you the opportunity to see where we are, and what we do, and generally leads to an ongoing plant interest, rather than a cardboard box just turning up, and the hope that the plant is in good condition.

Our team at YHP have also developed an easy care advice system, which will give you clear, yet concise care information, without the sometimes overwhelming advice offered online. This includes general information, secrets of success, aftercare, and importantly safety information for children and pets. This information is accessed simply by scanning the QR code printed on our retail labels, just point your smartphone camera at the QR code and follow the link.

Our plants are supplied by our own national trading company, direct from the grower, and never from wholesale markets. We have access to literally thousands of different plants from the largest nurseries in Europe, and the UK. If it`s commercially grown, we can get it.

Our pricing policy is very competitive, but fair to other retailers in our area, whether we supply them or not, therefore not using our position to disadvantage them.

Pot plants, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. There`s always a cheaper alternative, but we believe it’s best to start with a quality, well cared for product, that will readily adapt to the similar conditions of your home, and give you the best chance of success with your new companion.

We are happy to guide you, and recommend plants for your particular home or office environment, and are more than happy to try to help you with any plant related problems you may have.

So please pay us a visit, whether you`re new to Houseplants, or one of our many regular plant friends.

We look forward to seeing you.


Your Houseplants

8b South Parade,

Weston Super Mare,

BS23 1JN.

01934 352660