Ficus Shiveriana 6c

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Ficus Elastica, The Rubber Plant.

One of the most easily recognised small trees grown indoors. Several varieties normally available with dark, glossy green leaves, or variegated, which are extremely easy to care for, thus the Latin name Robusta ( Robust )

With some basic care you can enjoy watching your Rubber plant grow for many years. Once again becoming a fashionable statement houseplant. Also recognised as one of the top ten plants for purifying the air in your home. A moderately fast grower which can be pruned to a desired size.

An easy plant to care for, generally the only problem is if it`s constantly over watered. Green leaf types thrive in medium light, without direct sun, but also tolerates a shady position. Variegated leaf types are best kept in medium to bright light, but again avoid direct sun.

Watering is best achieved in Summer by the soak and dry method. Water thoroughly, then allow the top 2-3cm of the soil to become dry before watering again. Don`t allow the plant to stand in water.

Tolerant of a broad range of temperatures ( 10c to high 20`s ) but average room temperature is ideal to promote growth. Fertilise with a half strength foliage liquid feed once a month from April to September.

The central growing stem of a single plant can be pruned to promote bushy growth. New shoots will form lower down the stem creating a branched, bushy style plant.

In Winter reduce watering, avoid soaking, instead aim to keep the compost just moist, approximately once every 2 weeks should be enough.

Rubber plants will grow well, even when they look like they are in tiny pots. However at some point you will need to repot. This isn`t a problem as long as the plant isn`t too big and heavy. Normally best done in early Spring. Place in a larger pot and use good quality free draining houseplant compost.

The large, glossy leaves can become laden with dust, so just make sure to wipe them over with a damp cloth to keep them looking great.

Ficus Robusta has a milky, white sap in the leaves and stems.

If damaged it will bleed. Avoid prolonged contact as can cause irritation.

Problematic to pets if consumed. Causes irritation and swelling in the mouth.

Best practice keep away from pets and children.