Euphorbia Lactea 11c

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Euphorbia Lactea Cristata. Commonly called the Coral Cactus.

This unusual succulent is a combination of 2 types of Euphorbia being grafted together. Technically not a cactus at all, it is still a very easy care plant to live with.

The showy, crest of the plant is a mutation of Euphorbia Lactea, which is typically grafted on to the stem of Euphorbia Neriifolia.

Treat as with most succulents and cacti, and you can enjoy this Frankenstein plant.

Secrets of success:

In Spring and Summer they love bright light and high temperatures. Although they can obviously tolerate full sun they can become faded so give a little protection from concentrated rays.

Even though cacti and succulents are defined as needing little water, as they store it in their leaves and stems, they will not thrive with too little. In the growing season, Spring and Summer, water thoroughly then allow to dry completely before watering again. If possible use rain water.

While growing feed once every 2 months using a specific cacti / succulent liquid feed as per instructions.


In Winter when growth is slow and temperatures are cooler then the plant needs very little water. Just enough to stop the compost drying completely, approx. once a month should do.

Repot approx. once every 2-3 years. Just use a slightly larger pot and good quality, free draining cacti & succulent compost.


Considered toxic to pets and humans.

Keep out of reach.

Although not as spiny as most cacti, be careful when handling as the sap can be irritating on skin.