Houseplant Terrarium 20c - 90587

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Closed Terrariums are fascinating, and require little attention once balanced.

They do best in bright, indirect light, too much direct sun will overheat the plants.

When to water: This is where the moisture content of the sealed container is enough to keep the cycle of having enough water to keep the plants happy and healthy, while not being too much to cause issues. Generally speaking you want to see a small amount of condensation on the sides of the glass, without it looking completely saturated. It may take a little while to achieve this, but if it looks like there`s too much trapped moisture then simply remove the lid and let it breathe for 4 or 5 hours, before replacing the lid and seeing how much this has reduced the moisture content over the next few days. If it still looks too wet then simply repeat until it appears to have about the right amount.

If there`s no sign of condensation, and the plants are beginning to wilt through lack of water then you`ll obviously need to add some water to the container. Rain water is preferable as this reduces the potential build-up of chlorine and minerals present in tap water. Just add a little and monitor as above.

Once balanced you only really need to remove the lid to prune any overgrown plants, or to remove any dead leaves to help maintain a healthy environment.