Monstera Thai Constellation on Moss Pole 21c - British Grown

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A very rare, collectors plant.

Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation. The most sort after plant of 2022

The beautifully patterned variegated leaves are a genetic mutation, so can only be cloned through tissue culture. The uniquely unpredictable, slightly creamy variegation, is also stable, so won`t revert back to green. These plants are incredibly difficult to come by, which is reflected in their price, but if you want to be one of the very few plantaholics who have one then we currently have some available.

With these basic tips Monstera are easy to care for.

They prefer bright, indirect light, which mimics sun light through the jungle canopy. Must avoid direct sun.

Water thoroughly then allow the top couple of inches of compost to become dry to the touch before watering again. In warmer months misting the plant will increase humidity, again replicating its natural habitat.

Room temperature and above is ideal 18-24c. Do avoid cold draughts and temperatures below 14c

Fertilise once a month through Spring and Summer with a balanced foliage plant liquid feed as per instructions.

In Winter, when growth is slow, reduce the amount and frequency of watering, and stop feeding.

Minimum Temp: 14c

In its natural habitat Monstera are climbing plants, so larger specimens usually come attached to a moss pole. As it grows Monstera produce aerial roots, which will attach themselves to the moss pole for support.

Re-pot if necessary approx. every 2 years, depending on original size of plant, using good free draining compost.

Allow the Monstera to grow until it reaches the maximum size that space allows, you can then prune them to remain that size.

Warnings: Problematic to pets if consumed. Causes irritation and swelling in the mouth.

Generally not an issue for children or adults, only if ingested in very large quantities.